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Apartment/ House/ Residential Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

We offer the best & the most professional cleaning services for Apartment/ House/ Residential Cleaning Services in Gurgaon/Gurugram

Founded in 2008, our company offers customized apartment/residential cleaning services in Gurgaon/Gurugram. We truly understand your innate desire to manage with all your home cleaning service needs, be it sofa shampooing, grout cleaning or a complete deep house cleaning service, we provide it all in a single approach.

We welcome you to the realm of effort less yet effectively worthwhile professional residential cleaning services. Our company offers residential cleaning services in three structural set-ups i.e.:-

  • Custom cleaning
  • Full cleaning
  • Partial cleaning

Why us

  • No hidden fees and charges – We specialize in offering highly professionals and great cleaning services right from beginning till end and there is no hidden charge or fee to surprise you later. All charges will be quoted prior to starting the cleaning job
  • Eco-friendly procedures – We at Arrow Solutions strongly believe in using environmentally friendly procedures and cleaning materials to make your home free form allergen, while keeping you and your loved one safe
  • Competitive prices and combo deals – We understand the needs of our clients and hence we provide combined cleaning services at discounted rates to prevent you making hole in your pocket. All our deals are price competitive and there are combo deals available to satisfy your home cleaning needs
  • Free, no-obligation quote – We offer free quotes on request and our esteemed customers can request for free customized quotes from our support assistants.
  • Steam cleaning experience – We specialize in the field of home cleaning and our technicians are equipped with both knowledge and experience and certified to carry out cleaning with high professionalism
  • Short notice availability – We are the leading home cleaning service providers and hence we operate 24/7 and 7 days a week, even on bank holidays. On demand, we are equipped to send our certified cleaners at your residence in short notice for professional cleaning job at your convenient timing and date
  • Complete coverage within M25 ring – All are certified cleaning technicians and cleaners cover the entire Gurgaon and hence you are likely to get your home cleaned if you reside nearby
  • Pro equipment – Our certified cleaners are well versed with all pro equipments and procedures that are required to provide thorough cleaning of carpets, rugs, upholstery and more.
  • We are the leading cleaning service provider that provides professional cleaning to a variety of sectors including office buildings, residential buildings, pubs, hotels, student campuses, restaurants, medical facilities and more.

We provide kitchen cleaning services, bathroom cleaning services, and complete home cleaning services that guarantees a clean, hygienic and sanitized home for you. We also offer residential furniture cleaning services to keep your furniture in best of condition and shining like brand new. Our Sofa cleaning services, sofa shampooing services, carpet cleaning services, mattress cleaning services give your comforts a great sense of hospitality and appreciation.

With our specialize water storage tank cleaning services we provide a highly detail oriented service that covers vacuum cleaning, anti-bacterial spray, deodorized sprays, high pressure cleaning, mechanized dewatering, sludge removal, and UV radiation etc.

The in-house professional expert’s at our organization caters round the clock and are coherent and well organized and in their task. You can easily book our home cleaning services with our expert team via call or online. We are well equipped to efficiently manage house cleaning services with eco-friendly chemicals that do not have any later side-effects upon the residents, pets or inhabitants of the place.

Ever since our inception in the industry of professional cleaning providers, we have set a benchmark for excellence, safe and long lasting residential cleaning services. With our continuous increase in quality and efficient services, the client base and serving areas keeps expanding. Our happy clients who chose for the full home deep cleaning services at asserts to have no trace of dirt or grime left after the services.

We do not limit our offering to just company services but we also modify your cleaning as per your request. The variety of cleaning services offered by the company is meant to fulfill different cleaning perspectives owned by different people as per their needs.

Life is all about keep moving and making the most if it. So, when Kids spill drinks, blowing winds attract dust, pets have accidents, at-home celebrations makes filthy floors and homes get dirty, you just need not worry about. Our highly specialized residential cleaning services will make your place as if brand new. The professional team possesses state-of-the-art techniques, tools and expertise to provide a deeper house clean than your disciplinary cleaning service. The residential cleaning services performed by our expert professionals will not just ease off the load of the constant maintenance and after care of your home, but will also create a clean, refreshing, healthy and uncontaminated living environment for you and your loving family.

Our professional team of cleaners is known for their systematic work and their residential cleaning competence can also make a dirty carpet "Like it was never walked through." We can only ensure you that when you hire us for your residential cleaning; you will have the most thorough, most complete and most professional housekeeping services available. We are also available for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or one-time cleanings.

Here is a list of the main areas that we service-:

Residential Cleaning Services include

Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service will not only remove the nasty dirt your carpet has accumulated for a longer time, but will also scrub away the unwanted dust that freaks you out every time you see them. The expert professionals with their specialized industrial tools not just clean up your carpets but also make your rugs and upholstery items free of mini bugs that keep crawling and may have adverse effects on your health. A professionally dirt-free furniture and carpet may make all the difference in lightening up a room and refreshing up your entire home.

Air Duct Cleaning
We all have work around the daily chores of the house that do not make it to our prime concern or priority to-do list. But the fact is that proper maintaining of your home’s air ducts should NOT be one of them as it necessitates constant upkeep. Regular duct cleaning can improvise your residence’s cooling and heating capacity, proper ventilation and increase the quality of the air you and your family breathe in.

Odor Removal
Your basic cleaning service is not going to have the skillfulness to proficiently deodorize and aerate your home. Take advantage of our professional residential cleaning services to get rid off of stinky smells and unwanted odors. Availing a quality odor removal service, you will not only be able to remove bad odors but will genuinely sense a tantalizing aroma of fragranced air passing through in your home all the time.

Sewage and biohazard clean up
Our cleaners are well organized to serve in the sewage clean up and other biohazard materials. The slops discharge and trash of your sewage can be effectively swept off without you having to involve in any pre or post service maintenance. The blockages and issues of garbage are tackled with our specialized sewage treatment services that provide bottomless clean up.

Tile and Grout Cleaning:
To assure the long lasting beauty of your tile floors and to preserve the life of sealants, we offer Professional Neutral Tile & Grout Cleaner. We are not only about rendering our services to the clients but our skilled cleaners also assist with after care and regular maintenance of your home so that you are able to prolong the magnificence and attractiveness of your house. Make a point that you always sweep or vacuum before mopping to remove as much dry soil as possible. It is better to avoid harsh chemical cleaners and bleaching agents that might break down sealants. Always wash after you mop and if you still feel a need for a professional cleaner then we are just a call or a click away.

Kitchen Cleaning
We offer services for clean and disinfect countertops, stovetop and burner pans. The intensified method of Scrubbing kitchen sink and fixtures can even confuse an owner of a new set up. You can have shining and thoroughly clean kitchen appliances irrespective of their wear n tear. Our kitchen cleaning facility also includes cleaning of refrigerator, microwave and oven from inside and outside. You can avail to get your kitchen floor mopped, wash kitchen cabinets/cupboard and wipe down table and chairs.

Bathrooms Cleaning
You can enjoy clean and sterilized bathroom tubs, toilet, sink, and floors with our expert cleaning services. Not only we wipe down your cabinets from inside out but we clean and shine shower doors, door frames, picture glass, window ledges, raised panels and mirror. You get to experience a perfumed bathing room that is free from pollutants, disinfectants and foul smell.

Rooms Clean up
We make enough efforts to revamp your rooms as other sections of your house. We cover bedroom, living room, drawing room, dining room, kids rooms, play room, guest room or extra rooms for cleaning facility that includes making bed with clean sheets, sweep off the floors and under beds/movable, dust off furniture/room fittings and knick-knacks.

In-house/Apartment Cleaning Services: We are readily engaged in providing in-house Cleaning Services to respectable clients. On the initial clean up, our maid-of-all-work service will thoroughly clean your apartment, with special focus on your bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and most visited areas. Our apartments cleaning facilities further include rendering services like:

  • Floors sweeping/mopping/vacuuming, Floor Scrubbing and Polishing and furniture
  • Dust furniture, show pieces, window blinds, window ledges, frames, and baseboards
  • Spotless clean walls, electricity switches and doorjambs
  • Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom Cleansing and sanitizing
  • Wall / Tiles washing
  • High ceilings dusting
  • Cob-webs removal from corners and nooks of the house
  • Pest Control
  • Windows dusting and Cleaning
  • Sofa/Sofa cum Bed and mattress shampooing
  • Carpet Cleaning, removing off the carpet lint
  • Overhead Water Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Manual Cleaning
  • Dusting of all Areas Front, top and underneath
  • Vacuum furniture including under cushions
  • Clean or dust hanging lights, ceiling fans and fixtures as needed
  • Sweep of the staircase, railing and banister
  • Clean outside of fireplace and mantel
  • Empty all trash
  • Other Specialized cleaning procedures

Do we guarantee our services?

Yes! We do ensure what we claim. We have built our business and goodwill by offering our clients with the possibly most efficient cleaning service available anywhere. For this reason, we give you the guarantee of complete satisfaction. In case you are not 100% satisfied with our services for any reason, we will come back to your home in next 48 hours or given time and re-clean to your complete satisfaction”

Why should you hire US instead of any other company or individual?

Life is too busy and short to spend your precious and limited free time cleaning. Let our expert cleaning force reduce the stress level in your life by abolishing cleaning from your “priority list” that too at most affordable price. You can trust our services and professionals who take a personal interest in delivering the best and most comprehensive cleaning service possible. Our staff takes great pride in their work and is trustworthy and easy to communicate. Your satisfaction is our motive. Our employees are insured, bonded and have been thoroughly background checked.

What if cleaning falls on a holiday?

Our customer support executive will contact you around 10 days before the holidays our company observes to arrange for an alternate day.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Expertise in the particular domain is the most essential to achieve maximum possible perfection. The same rule can also be applied with professional cleaning. Our professional cleaners are well-trained and experienced, they are capable of making your residence a dust-free zone. Some of the benefits of availing Arrow home cleaning solutions are stated below:-

  • Affordable and hassle free
  • Adherence to booking schedule
  • Result oriented home cleaning solutions
  • Regular monitoring
  • Cleaning with machines and surface suitable chemicals.
  • Quick, reliable and Consistent quality
  • Peace of mind for the client


Living Areas (Dining Room, Living Rooms, Lobbies, Dense, Foyers, TV Rooms/Family Rooms)

  • Cleaning of ceiling ACs, ceiling fans and light fixtures (exterior only)
  • Cleaning of lamp shades
  • Cleaning of window as well as window grills
  • Vacuuming of rugs and carpets
  • Accessible window available on exterior part
  • Cleaning of door and door handles
  • Scrubbing and cleaning of skirting, corners and floors
  • Vacuuming of chairs and sofas
  • Under beds and bed head
  • Utility closets, side boards and wardrobes (exterior parts only for occupied residences)
  • Cleaning of display shelves, dining table, centre tables, side tables, etc.

Washroom Cleaning

  • Exhaust fans, ceiling fans, windows, light fixtures
  • Doors as well as door handles
  • Tiles and non-tiled walls as well as switchboards
  • Jacuzzi, tubs and shower cabins
  • Wash basin toilet bowl and counter
  • Chrome as well as stainless steel fittings
  • Skirting, corners and floors
  • Cleaning of storage areas, soap dishes, cabinets, and mirrors

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Cleaning of exhaust fans, ceiling fans, windows, and light fixtures in kitchen
  • Degreasing of switchboards and tiles walls
  • Counter tops
  • Doors as well as doors handles
  • Cleaning sink as well as other wash area
  • Filter, chimney hood, gas burners/hobs
  • Cleaning of all chrome and stainless steel fittings
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances such as Owen, toaster, microwave and refrigerator.
  • Degreasing and cleaning of storage cabinets (Note- exterior parts only for occupied residences)
  • Corners, skirting and floors

Front/Back Yard, Driveways & Balconies

  • Cleaning of ceiling fans, light fixtures and main ceiling
  • Tilled walls as well as switchboards
  • Grills and railings
  • Storages cabinets located exterior part of a home
  • Doors including door handles
  • And of course floors, skirting & corners

Add-On Services

  • We offer shampoo service for sofas, chairs and mattresses
  • Shampoo service for rugs and carpets
  • We offer wax polishing of wooden floors
  • Cleaning and conditioning of leather sofa
  • Cleaning and diamond polishing of mosaic, italian marble and granite floors

Items Normally Carried By a Professional Cleaning Team

Our Apartment/Residential cleaning services team in Gurgaon, usually carry the below:-

  • Advanced single disc device for all type of floor scrubbing
  • Ladder
  • Commercial strength wet & dry vacuum cleaner for better results
  • Environment-friendly cleaning materials from Taski
  • Wipers, scrubbing pads, glass squeeze, buckets, dusters cleaning device-mops, etc.

Non Inclusions

  • Pencil/ pen/ crayon/ pain marks and permanent stains on wardrobes, walls, etc removal is not included
  • Moving heavy furniture from one place to another one, is not included in this service
  • Interiors of closed storages in kitchen and wardrobes of occupied homes are not cleaned
  • stains on upholstery or carpets are not removed
  • This service does not include clearing, arrangement, packing, sorting of stored products or items
  • Exteriors including gardens, terraces, awnings, facades, driveways, canopies, etc are not included
  • This cleaning service doesn’t include areas inaccessible to our cleaners such as glass windows not accessible because of permanent mesh/grills and exteriors of any window with no terrace or balcony access

Fixtures such as exhaust fans, chandeliers, fancy lights etc thoroughly covered with a cover/lid won’t be cleaned from inside.

Though our team is well trained, we cannot compensate the clients for any accidental breakages in the house. Such risk would need to be borne by the client.

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