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Common Myths or Misconceptions about Carpet Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

Carpet Cleaning: Misconceptions and How to fight them back

Keeping your home in the spick-and-span should be your duty to maintain a warm and welcoming home for you and your guests as well. Most of the rooms are covered in carpet, so it is of utmost necessity to make sure that they are cleaned often to make them sparklingly clean and hygienic for the interior environment.

Vacuuming the carpets once in a while is as much important as cleaning your car at regular intervals. However, many steer clear of carpet cleaning too often since they have certain misconceptions regarding the cleaning process. If you could only stay away from these misconceptions, you could keep your home as much safe for health and visibly beautiful as possible. Let’s take a look at the common misconception so you could battle its fear for a safer environment.

Misconception 1: All carpet cleaning methods are the same

You should know the preferable method of cleaning that suits your carpet. The extent of dust and dirt accumulated in the carpet, its quality and the homely atmosphere should be borne in mind when cleaning. There are basically two modes of carpet cleaning that include dry cleaning and hot water cleaning. Consulting with an expert or hiring a carpet cleaning company will help you know which would work best for your home carpets.

Types of cleaning procedures

The dry cleaning method uses dry foams or powders. In the process the carpets never get wet since all grime and dirt are vacuumed. Since no water is used for it, the residues and dirt are left in the carpet. On the other hand, hot water method uses jets of warm water sprayed onto the carpet in order to completely rinse fibres from every layer of the carpet.

The water used is heated to a temperature that is capable of breaking the pollutants and dirt or bacteria present in your carpet. A high powered suction technique is used to remove the dirt from every part of the carpet thoroughly.

Misconception 2: Frequent cleaning causes harm to carpets


The wrong notion is frequent cleaning of carpets degrades its quality and make it more susceptible to dirt accumulation. This is wrong. Carpets should be vacuumed almost daily and professional cleaned once in every 12-18 months.

How should carpets be cleaned?

Know this that the carpets are the biggest filter in your home. They tend to trap pollutants like pet dander, cockroach allergens, mold spores, lead, dirt, dust, toxic materials, etc. What happens is that the toxic gases present in air tend to stick to small particles and seep into the carpet fibres.

Especially during the winter months, when all windows remain closed, filtration is even more. Besides, everytime you step inside your home you smooth out dirt from your shoes on the carpet, causing it to wear out soon. It should be known that a dirty carpet has a short shelf life and gives birth to many air borne diseases.

Misconception 3: The carpet cleaning company you choose needs to have the right equipment and that’s it!


A company having the right equipment is all that required for cleaning, irrespective of whether it has professionals doing the job or not. Carpet cleaning should be done with the right machines and cleaning agents and, therefore, even if the cleaners don’t have a certificate it will do.

What is recommended instead?

The renowned and effective carpet cleaning companies are those certified by the government or authorized cleaning organization. The company should have properly certified cleaning professionals who have earned a degree in cleaning. Remember, carpet cleaning is one of the biggest investments and so make sure that engage the right professionals who are adequately trained in the procedure and knows the right products and machines to be used for professional carpet cleaning.

Misconception 4: All carpet cleaning companies serve the same, so it is best to opt for the lowest price.


Most home owners think that hiring a company having knowledge in carpet cleaning is all that matters. Sometimes, they just go for any carpet cleaning company, regardless of whether it is certified or have professionals for the job.

Choose a company based upon these factors:

  1. Avoid those advertisements that charge low price. More often, such company quote a low price but once they get at your door, they start piling on extra charges. Consider several factors like the areas to be covered by the company, are there any extra charges for the corners, any extra charges for heavily soiled carpets, etc. It’s better to pay a little more than compromise with the quality of cleaning.
  2. In most cases, low budget cleaners tend to use poor products and low end equipments that can leave your carpets in a poor state of condition that can cause rapid resoiling. In a month’s time, your carpets may look so crunchy that you may require an emergency replacement.
  3. There is a certain rule to using hot water extraction procedure for carpet cleaning which many companies do not follow. A certain amount of water, between 400 and 500 psi is used when applying hot water jets on the carpets. Nonetheless, there are companies who do not follow this and use too much water for quick cleaning. This eventually results into visibility of deep drink spills, dog urine, etc on the carpets when it’s drying. Therefore, do your research before selecting your company.

Misconception 5: Many think that they can do the job like a pro with one of those –do-it-yourself rental machines.


You may get machines on rent from the hardware store but do you know that these machines do not get sufficient hot water required for deep cleaning. Besides, these machines lack the suction power to remove grime and dirt from your carpets.

What should be done instead?

Buying a rental machine would cost you heavily. Besides, adding worries to woes, the job won’t be perfect and you would be left unsatisfied. Since you are ignorant about the nitty of the cleaning procedure, you won’t be able to pull out the job successfully. Therefore, engaging a professional company can only do justice.

Fight the above misconception and do what should be done to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere at home and long- lasting carpets for your convenience.

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