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Myths About Carpet Cleaning Services - Debunked!

Myths About Carpet Cleaning Services

If you are one of those who shun at the idea of bringing a carpet to your home because it is a store house of allergies, difficult to clean or high on maintenance, think again! This is because all of the above facts are nothing less than the several myths that are associated with the carpets and the carpet cleaning services. While it is definitely true that carpets require maintenance, with the right cleaning services and professional cleaning methods, your carpeted area can be the most comfortable and hygienic place in your house. Beauty and durability are the two added advantages that you get when you treat your carpets right!

We bring you some of the top most myths about carpet cleaning services that might be hard to believe for you!

Myth 1 : Carpet causes allergies

We have heard it everywhere and from every one! From our elders to doctors, to allergists, everyone has us into believing that having carpets in the house can give you allergies. Believe it or not, it is the first myth that needs to be busted. The only way this can be true is when you do not maintain your carpet. Any carpet in the house certainly acts as a filter and settles dust, soil and dander but with professional cleaning of the carpet or its regular cleaning, most of it can be dealt with quite easily. When you decide to have tiles, wood or stone in place of carpet, it does not reduce the amount of soil, dust or dander that comes into your home, it just gives it a new place. So the secret word here is-Maintenance!

Myth2 : The carpets get dirty faster if they are cleaned

Cleaning your carpet, or for that matter, cleaning anything never makes it get dirty faster. It is their improper cleaning that can make it get dirty faster than the usual. If you are not getting your carpets cleaned from a pro-cleaning company or doing it incorrectly yourself, there are chances that sticky residue or soil is left behind in them, making them even dirtier. The right cleaning methods will always rinse out all the soil, dirt and cleaning agents and leave the carpets absolutely residue-free and looking like new.

Myth 3 : Steam Cleaning can result in mold or mildew

Another popular myth that is actually a result of improper cleaning of the carpets! If improper methods of cleaning are used for the carpet, such as, soaking the carpet for several days, there are high probabilities that mold or mildew will find place in your carpet. However, if the right methods of carpet cleaning are used, there are no chances of mold or mildew growing in them!

Myth 4 : Vacuuming too often can damage the carpet

This is a major myth, especially considering the modern carpeting that is designed to hold lots of vacuuming. But the trick here is to ensure that you are not using vacuums that are too aggressive on your carpet. According to a research, a wrong vacuum can do wear worth 2 years to your carpet and that too in a single use. Several tests have revealed that 80% of the dirt in the carpet is dry soil and can be simply vacuumed out. As a standard, vacuuming once a week is sufficient for homes but carpets in high traffic areas or businesses can require regular vacuuming daily.

Myth 5 : A relatively new carpet does not require cleaning

You must not wait for your carpet to look dirty before you get it cleaned because by then, half the damage to the carpet is already done! The carpets are designed in such a way that they hide most of the soil or dirt but look clean at the surface. An ideal time period to get your carpets cleaned is between 6 to 12 months and certainly not beyond 18 months, without professional cleaning. So the next time, redefine ‘new’ when you use it for your carpet.

Myth 6 : Steam cleaning can shrink carpets

If facts are to be believed, 87% of all carpeting and even 75% of all the upholstery can be safely steam cleaned as long as the correct cleaning methods are used by the cleaning professionals. Most of the carpets that are installed today are constituted with synthetic that does not shrink. All said and done, it is always good to test everything before it is cleaned. If not steam cleaning, other methods can be used to clean such carpets that might have a problem.

Myth 7 : Dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning

While there are pros and cons to every cleaning method, a lot of it also depends on the lifestyle of the client and their situation. Dry cleaning certainly leaves your carpets drier but since there is no extraction, it is more of surface cleaning and not deep cleaning. But there are certain kinds of carpets for which dry cleaning remains the best cleaning method. So there cannot be a clear winner.

Myth 8 : Using Baking Soda or powder deodorizers removes the smell from my carpet

While it might seem to have worked for you, the fact is that using these deodorizers simply masks the smell and does not eliminate the source of it. Most of these powders are hard to be vacuumed and are left behind. They cause friction and wear and end up causing even permanent damage to the carpets. The best way to deodorize your carpet is to find the source of the smell and then eliminate it completely. And this is possible by removing the contamination and not masking it.

Apart from these, there are several other myths about carpet cleaning services that can actually be disastrous to your carpet. This makes it extremely important to stay aware and educated about what is right and what is wrong for your carpet’s maintenance so you can keep it looking like new for years to come!

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