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Myths about Sofa Cleaning Services - Debunked!

Myths about Sofa Cleaning Services

You want to make your sofa look younger than its real age! Are you in a fix for finding a suitable cleaning method for your sofa? This is the guide which busts some myths associated with sofa cleaning services. You can have a look here for enjoying the squeaky clean look of sofa without damaging it in any way.

Myth 1: Hot water is damaging to sofa

This is a common myth which has refrained people to use hot water for sofa cleaning. When used in a right way, hot water can actually work as a great sanitiser for sofa fabric. Professional cleaners use special machines for sofa cleaning with hot water safely.

Myth 2: Frequent sofa cleaning makes it dirtier

This is also a sham statement as there is nothing which can deteriorate the quality of sofa fabric except dirt build-up. Frequent cleaning is in fact essential to ensure that fabric remains true to its own health. Cleaning makes the fabric shinier than usual therefore, going for sofa cleaning is a must.

Myth 3: Fabric protector is useless

This may also come out to be a myth that using a fabric protector while buying sofa is just a money shelling prospect. Using protector can actually make the sofa fabric more durable and you can even avoid investing in its cleaning and upkeep. Protectors are a good investment for long term sofa maintenance.

Myth 4: Cheap cleaner will be suitable

While more and more people are going for sofa maintenance, there is also a notion that a cheap firm would provide you ample cleaning services. But this is not the case, when you are hiring a low cost company for sofa cleaning, they may use low quality products which are damaging.

Myth 5: Cleaning is used for dirt removal only

Dirt buildup is quite common and natural, there are various factors contributing to that. It could be dust mites, chemicals, air and so on. Therefore, one cleaning method is not applicable for varied reasons. Cleaning filters used and for allergens, some other spray would be used. So tools and techniques will differ depending upon the cause of pollution.

Myth 6: Same cleaning method is used for all sofas

It is not just for dirt removal that sofa cleaning services are used. Cleaning methods will differ which include the following:

  • Dry chemicals
  • Dry compounds
  • Hot water extraction
  • Dry foam
  • Encapsulation

Above methods are applied depending upon the suitability of the sofa fabric and its texture.

Myth 7: Wait till your sofa turns ugly

This is a common misconception that your sofa has to really look bad to get cleaned. If you wait for long then dirt patches may build up on the fabric which will be hard to remove. Sofa cleaning can be more damaging when done at a single go. When there is more build up of dirt, sofa cleaning has to be a gradual process.

Myth 8: Right equipment only can do the deed

This is a myth which busted with times and many high end-technologies are used to keep intact fabric’s sheen. This includes handling the tools properly so that fabric is not damaged. Using right chemicals are also essential which can improve texture of fabric with time. Poorly trained staff is a reason enough to put in trouble your expensive sofa. Therefore, pick the sofa cleaning firm carefully.

Myth 9: Vaccuming can damage your sofa fabric

Vaccum cleaner will not damage your fabric instead it will remove the dirt to make it look cleaner. It is a myth than vaccum cleaner works with high pressure that will destroy the fabric lint. But when used moderately, it can actually make your sofa look shinier and better. So use it more frequently as you want provided that it is done properly.

Myth 10: Nice smell means no cleaning required

This is more of a trap, at times you feel that your sofa smells at its best. In such case, you must recognise that regular cleaning has its own benefits. Smell has least to do with the clean status of sofa as it requires a periodic cleaning regime to avoid germ and dust. Even if there is no smell, dirt will accumulate which you will not realise unless it makes you allergic.

Myth 11: No professional cleaning is required

Professional cleaning and personal tools you use for cleaning are entirely different ways. Professional firms handle your sofa fabric in a more gentle way, cleaner used has a composition which can improve the fabric. But if you use your own tools for cleaning, results will not be satisfactory. Professionals have a knack to understand the degree of cleaning your sofa requires. This estimation is essential to ensure product durability in your house on which recurred investment is not needed. Professional cleaning of sofa actually cuts down your cost as your sofa is safe from damage.

Myth 12: Dry cleaning is more effective

When using the steam cleaning method only, there are ample reasons that your sofa will look great for a very long time. Experts recommend that you should actually use a steam cleaner to make sure all the dirt gets removed. Dry cleaning may be not that effective therefore, you can choose to have this method to ensure your sofa’s longer life.

Myth 13: Using bleach work well

Bleaching agent is actually a fabric destroyer which can badly deteriorate the fabric quality. You should be using suitable liquids for better fabric health. Furniture experts recommend using effective solutions to make sure you have a great looking sofa. So always choose a quality product so that you sofa is shining as ever.

Above myths have been held responsible for making people refrain from hiring a professional sofa cleaner. You can always look for expert opinion before picking up any cleaning service for your expensive piece of sofa. So no need for any heavy duty service for making your sofa look shinier than ever!

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