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Sofa Dry Cleaning Services in Gurgaon


Sofa & Chair Cleaning

200 for Sofa

Sofa Cleaning Benefits

  • Professional sofa cleaning at your doorstep
  • Colour Safe Mild shampoo to remove stains and grime from sofa
  • Quick drying
  • Environmentally responsible process
  • Hassle free process

Served Areas for Sofa Dry Cleaning in Gurgaon (Gurugram): DLF Gurgaon, Sushant Lok, Sohna Road, All Gurgaon Sectors or HUDA Sectors, Old Gurgaon & Manesar

Cuddle your Couch – Leverage Sofa Cleaning like never before!

We offer professional & quality dry cleaning of Sofa in Gurgaon (Gurugram) and serve all areas of Gurgaon. We use the best quality material for dry cleaning of sofa for long lasting results. All kind of sofa are being dry cleaned like leather, cloth, rexine, swade etc.


A sofa or your couch is your place of zen after a hard day’s work. People just love to crash on their soft couches & snuggle them. But, we need to understand that your sofa & you are not alone! We are surrounded by dust, dirt & other things that are not so clean. Your couch at home, can attract dust from where it is kept, or you jumping on it on a daily basis with dirty clothes & shoes can create the same result as above. So, we need to take care of our precious couch and keep it refreshed at all times.

Vacuum, that’s a given

You need to understand the basic rule and that is, your couch holds immense importance in your home, so it’s bound to get dirty, real fast. Your sofa is visited by everyone in the house, be it you, relatives, guests, or even your pets for that matter. Using electronic tools such as a vacuum cleaner makes it all the easier for people to clean their couch, rather than using traditional dusting methods.

If your couch is used rigorously, then you definitely need to vacuum it atleast twice a week so that it looks & feels fresh. Vacuums with dust sensors save time, & are efficient as they notify the individual of the area being cleansed & there in no dust on the couch. For a complete cleaning experience, you need to set aside the cushions or any other object that could be a hindrance in the cleaning process.

Understand your upholstery fabric & attach an appropriate brush to nozzle for better cleaning. Run the brush all over the couch, from the sides to the arms, and the look for dust in crevices, it’s places like these, dust particles tend to play hide and seek. Then, take the cushions and run the brush on them as well, this makes it a complete couch vacuum clean-up.

Get your fabric fact right!

There isn’t one cleaning solution for your couch fabrics, there’s a whole bunch of fabric types out there, some of them namely Wool Blend, Haitian Cotton, Vinyl, Microsurde, Nylon & more. Each fibre requires different cleaning techniques viz. Dry Cleaning, Dry Vacuuming, Shampooing, Scrubbing, & Wet Vacuuming. Before cleaning your sofa, make sure you check the tag what kind of cleaning products should be used on the fabric, various codes suggest the following-

  • If there’s a ‘W’, it means you can use a water-based agent
  • A ‘WS’ for that matter, signifies cleaning with a water based agent or using a steam vacuum
  • An ‘S’ on the tag means using a dry-cleaning agent
  • An ‘O’ is for going organic or using products made from organic ingredients
  • An ‘X’ signifies vacuum or a bristle-brush

A wool fabric requires regular vacuum cleansing with special upholstery brushes, wool blended fabrics can be soft washed in the washing machine, & temporary stains can be removed by using an approved detergent.

Haitian Cotton is unprocessed cotton with brown seeds inside it, thus you need to vacuum it first & then use a soap solution mixed with water in a dispenser. Spray the solution on a horse hair brush to get the best results and avoid discolouration. Use a wet vacuum over the entire couch and dry it by putting on a fan or blower.

Another example is a microfiber couch that looks like suede, but is made-up of polyester and nylon fibres. Before cleaning your microfibers couch, people need to check the tags for cleaning instructions. Bu, normally microfibers are cleansed with vacuuming, brushing, & rubbing alcohol or an approximate soap liquid. These were some of the fabrics and cleansing instructions for them. Apart from couch cleansing, they should also be sanitized for dust mites, fungi, & bacteria. There are various other methods to keep your couch upholstery clean via soap & conditioner, steam, spot cleaning, lint rollers & more.


Sofa’s need to be cleansed on a regular basis to keep them fresh and increase their longevity. Apart from the cleaning aspect, people also need to use sofa sets with care in terms of sitting etiquettes, keeping pets away from the sofa, etc. If you are not sure about the procedures on how to keep your couch safe, then you definitely need to call professional couch cleaning services to do it for you.

Charges for Residential Sofa cleaning:

a) Fabric sofa -   200/ seat
b) Leather sofa polishing -   300/ seat
c) fabric chair cleaning -   100/ chair
d) Leather chair polishing -   200/ seat

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