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Some Common Misconceptions on Sofa Cleaning

Some Common Misconceptions on Sofa Cleaning

Two extremely important things to consider when buying sofas or upholstery for the house are your own lifestyle and the maintenance that the new piece of furniture will require. While it is an easy thing to get the new piece home, the difficult part is its right maintenance, which will primarily decide its long life, sheen and appearance. What makes the process of maintaining these pieces of furniture further difficult is the number of misconceptions often attached to them.

While there is an endless list to the misconceptions and myths associated with the maintenance of carpets, sofas, upholstery and other accessories, we make your task a little easier if you are deciding to buy a new sofa for your living room.

We discuss here some common misconceptions on sofa cleaning.

Misconceptions on Microfiber sofas

The most common misconception that is associated with the microfiber sofa is that they are dust and stain resistant as they are made of fibers. Since most of these sofas are made of tightly woven fabrics, they mostly keep dust and allergens at bay. But with a prolonged use, this resistance can wear off and the sofa will require a regular and thorough cleaning so it can stay in good condition.

When cleaning a microfiber sofa, remember to vacuum it first using the right brush attachment. This will take care of all the dust and allergens that get accumulated in the sofa over a period of time.

While a microfiber sofa is considerably stain-proof, an extensive spillage should be properly taken care of to avoid any damage to it. In such conditions, it is recommended to consult the label for any instructions regarding its care. With that you can decide, whether to use a water based stain remover or any other solvent.

Misconception on Microsuede sofas

A misconception that is associated with microsuede sofas is that they can be cleaned just like any other sofa.

These sofas often come with specific instruction labels that recommend the methods to be used to clean them. While some of them can be cleaned with mild, water based cleaning agents; there are others that will require special solvent cleaners to do the job.

The most common method to clean these sofas is to make a solution using mild soap, water and a few drops of vinegar. This solution will help you get rid of any kind of odors. But make sure to check with the instructions given on the label; there are several couches with which water cannot be used at all. For such couches, readymade upholstery cleaner available in the market should be directly applied to the stains.

Misconceptions on Leather Sofas

While most of the people believe that leather sofas can be cleaned using any regular cleaning agent, the truth is that these can damage the leather on the sofas and take away all its sheen and appearance.

For cleaning a leather couch, always use a suitable leather cleaner or conditioner available for the purpose. Remember to vacuum the sofa as the first step in the cleaning process; it takes away all the accumulated dust and allergens from it. Clean only the areas that are stained or spotted and wipe them with a dry cloth. This ensures that no moisture is left behind; moisture is an enemy to leather.

Misconceptions on Fabric sofas

A popular misconception about fabric sofas is that they are high on maintenance and require special cleaning.

The truth is that these sofas can be cleaned in virtually the same way as a microfiber sofa is cleaned. Make a solution using some water and a mild dish washing solution and use it to remove stains or spots. A regular vacuum can keep the fabric sofa in a good condition.

Misconceptions on feather stuffed sofas

The feather stuffed sofas also accumulate dirt and dust particles like any other sofas. The misconception associated with the feather stuffed sofas is that the dust clings to the upholstery. But the fact is that it gets collected on the detachable components of the sofa such as its cushions and pillows.

Feather stuffed sofas or the down filled sofas are one of the most delicate couches available. For this reason, it is very important to read their instruction manual before cleaning them. A special attention and care should be given to the instructions that are specified for cushions and other accessories.

Some other common misconceptions on sofa cleaning

Airing of Sofas

The newly bought sofas often have a peculiar smell since they are kept in the storage for a long time. You do not have to undergo any special process to get rid of such smell. Simply airing your sofa or leaving them in the open space for some time will do the trick.

Deodorizing Sofas

Another important part of cleaning the sofas (which is often overlooked) is the process of deodorizing them to get rid of any kind of smell that comes with the prolonged use of sofa. This can be done by using bio enzymic cleaner. These cleaners are used to kill all the pathogens that infest the couch and get rid of the smell that emanates from them.

Drying of Cushions and pillows

While most of the people do not realize, improper drying of cushion and pillows can be more dangerous to the health of individuals than it can be to the sofa. Dry them in natural heat but if the weather does not permit, one can use a dryer to do the job. Complete drying prevents growth of mold or mildew on sofas.

Make sure when you buy a sofa for your house, you understand your lifestyle well and see if the maintenance of the furniture is going to be an easy task for you. Your personal lifestyle at home will greatly affect the type of maintenance you will require for the furniture that forms a permanent part of your home.

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