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Upholstery Cleaning Problems and Solutions

Upholstery Cleaning Problems and Solutions

Looking for restoration professionals who can maintain and clean your upholestary? Is sofa cleaning service is failing to deliver the desired results? Here is a guide to mitigate all the problems which are associated with it. Solutions for these upholstery cleaning problems also serve a great deal of benefits.

So have a look here which talks about the pitfalls of faulty cleaning services:

  1. The texture of fabric turns brown. Reason stated for this browning is excessive wetness and slow drying procedure. Many times, alkaline agents are also used for cleaning which has an adverse effect. Fabrics which are vegetable dyed also get affected from browning.

    Solution: The above problem can be dealt with effectively by using a rinse agent or a shampoo. Make sure that detergent used is very mild so that no damages are caused to the fabric. Using a non-chlorine booster can also contribute to the upkeep of fabric. You can also use an absorbent in case a liquid has spilled.

  2. If you have a sofa made in rayon or cotton, get ready for shrinkage. This is very common after you get your sofas cleaned. Few decades ago, this was a major problem as cleaning methods used were very harsh. Also, the solutions were not that much present. But in current times, you don’t need to worry about it as we have come up with a remedy.

    Solutions: First solution prescribed for shrinkage problem is to use drapery installer which uses hand steamer. Gentle application of steam on such areas can reduce the fabric shrinkage to a large extent. As cotton fabric is bound to get affected by cleaning process therefore, you can look for a cleaning alternative like this.

  3. Water marks are very tough to remove. They form as a ring or circles on the sofa fabric and leave a stubborn mark. The spotting looks aweful and has to be removed to restore fabric’s original look. The product can be cleared by using special solutions meant especially for upholstery cleaning.

    Solution: When steaming is done there are chances of watermarks. In such cases, sizing has to be used so that fabric becomes stiff. Using distilled water on the watermarks also helps and can be corrected easily through this. Fabric impurities are removed through distlilled water and can lighten them significantly. You can also use shampoo, strong acid treatment, or oxidizing method.

  4. Bleeding is also a problem that becomes prominent during upholstery cleaning. The dye on fabric will begin to bleed. This destroys the look of fabric and has to be corrected so that you don’t end up changing the whole sofa fabric.

    Solution: Bleeding has to be handled really well as whole look of sofa is based upon that. If bleeding is localised, it can be managed but in case, it is widespread, better solutions need to be considered. Bleeding can also be corrected by using conventional cleaning solutions like chlorine and hydrogen peroxide. You can simply dab it on cotton and apply on the fabric to remove stains. You can also use absorbent powder or an air compressor which can force the dye to get back to its original location!

    There are times when the bled area may be re-cleaned, and either packed with an absorbent powder to absorb the unstable dye, or subjected to high pressure air with an air compressor to force the dye back into the fabrics backing.

  5. If the upholstery is soiled heavily, there are problems like how to remove the stains. The concerns here are damages which can be done to the fabric. If the fabric has become too wet and high-grade cleaning chemicals are applied, damages are bound to occur. Solutions are surely there, but speedy action will do the deed.

    Solution: You may use special solutions like restorer of fabric which include sprays that can restore the dye back. It is highly recommended that your fabric must first be subjected to dye bleed test to check the degree of bleeding that may occur. Dye bleed test is done when your upholstery is heavily soiled. As methods for cleaning will be very regressive and intensive, there are bound to be problems related with dye bleeding.

  6. Silk upholstery can also get heavily damaged in case cleaning is excessive. In fact, silk upholstery has to be handled with care, which is generally the case. But usage of chemicals has proved to be very problematic in the long run. Therefore, you can always look for some solutions to save your valuable silk upholsteries.

    Solutions: This is a generally known fact, that silk fabrics are always dry-cleaned and wet-cleaning process is a complete NO! Hand cleaning is a preferred option which removes stains in a gentle way. You can remove the dust by spraying some solution which is meant for this purpose. Just spray it and wipe it off with clean cotton so that silk texture remains the way it is. Some additives are also used along with the detergent which is soluble with solvent. This is done in order to remove the soil stains which can be dissolved in water.

    Silk fabrics are always pre-tested before carrying out a full-fledged cleaning process. You can ask your professional cleaning expert to carry out this pre-test. Many fabrics, like silk, are also sensitive to water therefore it is always useful to get the recommendation of an expert.

    Leather sofa can also be cleaned in a better way, provided that you use a lightly damp cloth. Rinse off the fabric with a cleaner and nourish it with a conditioner. Old leather should not be cleaned on your own as it may pose trouble for your sofa.

    This cleaning guide includes most of the problems which are faced while you get your upholstery cleaned. Therefore, look for the professional help that can ensure that you have shining sofas in your home. One needs to carry out regular cleaning as well so that you can enjoy a nice home with a clean environment.

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