Granite Polishing

Granite Polishing in Gurgaon

Arrow Cleaning Solutions is expert in providing granite polishing service. Granite is a very hard stone and usually comes pre-polished from the supplier. If it has been installed properly, granite floor starts needing a diamond polishing after about 10 years. It is difficult to match factory finish on site for most polishers. However Arrow Solutions has the required machines and expertise to polish granite to the factory finish or even better. You can rely on Arrow Solutions to use the best of the polishing pads, machines and chemicals so that you get the best results for your investment. Contact us now to arrange a visit from our technician.

Not Everyone Can Polish Granite

Granite Polishing

Not every marble polishing company can provide granite polishing service. We at Arrow Cleaning Solutions have the expertise and experience to provide high gloss slip resistant shine to granite floor. 

Requirements for proper Granite Polishing

1) Granite is a very hard stone. It requires a heavy machine to polish. Normal marble polishing single disc machines are too light to cut granite stone.

2) Granite polishing pads are made specially to handle hard stones. Marble pads will not be able to grind the granite floor efficiently.

3) Granite is an igneous rock. Normal marble polishing powders do not work on granite. The granite polishing powder is very different from marble polishing powder because granite stone has a totally different composition. 

Benefits of Granite Polishing

Granite is a stone that is usually installed in the exterior. Over time, it loses it’s shine and this impacts the look of the house or office. A well maintained floor improves your image. 

Granite polishing improves the life of the stone as the polishing process provide opportunity to repair the damage due to the weather.

A polished granite is easier to keep clean.

Granite Polishing

Granite Polishing Process

Granite Polishing

1) Grinding with 60-100 diamonds to remove imperfections in the granite

2) Application of resin to fill any cavities that may have developed in the granite over time.

3) Drying for 24-48 hours

4) Grinding with 200 to 800 diamonds

5) Honing from 1000 to 3000 diamonds

6) Scrubbing and then buffing with granite cream to get high gloss

8) Scrubbing with shampoo and buffing to get final shine