Silicate Polishing

Silicate Polishing in Gurgaon

Arrow Cleaning Solutions is expert in providing silicate polishing service for marble floors. Silicate polishing is a premium service which makes the marble harder and gives unreal shine to the marble. We use high quality chemicals which provide a more durable effect. Silicate polishing is expensive process and you can rely on Arrow Solutions to use the best of the silicate chemicals so that you get the best results for your investment. Contact us now to arrange a visit from our technician.

Does My Marble Need Silicate Polishing

Silicate Polishing

Many marbles like Bianco Carrara, Egyptian Galaga (Mohs harness-3), Statuario, Calacutta (Mohs Hardness-4), Botticino, Perlatto (Mohs hardness-4-5) are soft. Some of these softer marbles are difficult to polish to a high gloss. Softer marbles lose their gloss quickly due to their inability to withstand abrasion caused by daily use. One option is to just finish these marbles with honed look. If a high gloss is desired, then the polisher needs to harden the marble so that it can withstand polishing and future abrasion damage. 

Silicates are special chemicals containing Sodium or Lithium-silicon molecules. These molecules penetrate into the stone and react with the molecules of marble. The changed structure makes the marble stronger, denser and harder. 

The best chemicals in this category are Lithium based which have smaller molecule size compared to Sodium allowing better penetration and higher hardening.

So, if you have a soft marble installed, you should consider using silicate polishing for your floor.

Benefits of Silicate Polishing of Marble

1) Silicate polishing is a necessity to get gloss on soft marbles

2) Silicate polished marbles retain the gloss almost 3x longer than diamond polished marbles

3) Silicate polished marbles have higher resistance to scratches, cracks and liquids.

4) Marble polished with silicate polishing require less frequent polishing, allowing for less disturbance. This is especially useful for commercial places.

Silicate Polishing

Silicate Polishing Process

Silicate Polishing

1) Grinding with Metal Bonded Diamonds to achieve perfect flatness

2) Grinding with resin bonded diamond pads 60 and carrying out repairs. Further grinding by 100 diamond to remove scratches

3) Application of Silicate/Lithium compound to the stone ensuring that it is properly absorbed by the marble and drying for 12-24 hours

4) Grinding by 200 to 800 diamonds

5) Application of Silicate/Lithium to stone to fill in any porocity and drying

6) Honing from 1000 to 3000 diamonds

7) Scrubbing and then buffing with polishing powder to get shine

8) Scrubbing with shampoo and buffing to get final shine