Restaurant Cleaning

Special Services For Restaurants

Chair and Sofa Cleaning

chair in restaurant

Restaurant is a place where the chairs and sofas gather all sorts of stains and become dirty quickly. Many restaurants neglect their cleaning because of non availability of options for cleaning. We offer cleaning services for chairs and sofas at competitive prices during nights or early morning so that you have minimal impact on business. Get your upholstery cleaned regularly so that your guests love to visit your restaurant.

Floor Cleaning Service

Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant floors become greasy quickly due to spilling of food stuff on the floor everyday. High end restaurants have discerning patrons who would not have a high opinion of the establishment if they have to walk on sticky or dirty floor. We offer floor scrubbing services to rid your floor of the sticky mess and get it ready for business the next day.

Curtain Cleaning Service

Restaurant Cleaning

Dirty curtains spoil the look of the restaurant and also is a source of bad odours. We offer curtain cleaning services both onsite and off site as per your requirement. Get them cleaned regularly and give a professional look to your restaurant.